T-Shirt Buying Tips

T-Shirt Buying Tips


Getting custom made shirts is definitely exciting! We also like to think about your actual needs, not just the wants.

Here are some things to consider before buying your shirts.


What is the goal you have in mind?
What do you hope the shirts will accomplish?


Do you need employee shirts to bring a unified branded look to your business?


    If you have a small steady staff, a higher quality garment or full color print may suit your needs.

Many of our clients choose a 1 color left chest print with multiple colors on the back.


    But if you have a considerably large amount of employees or a higher turnover rate, sticking to basic

garments and limited color prints would be most economical.


Are you using the shirts for a special event, raising money for charity or organizing a fundraiser?

    By limiting the number of colors or locations of the print will increase the profit margin for your cause.


Know Your Sizes

Every brand is different and ordering the right size can sometimes be frustrating.


In general, ladies shirts and fitted shirts tend to run small. If you are unsure, we suggest ordering

a size up. We can also provide garment measurements from the suppliers upon request.


Colors Matter

The time of year, the type of event, or the type of work can play a factor in choosing the right color garment.   


Black shirts, while popular, might not work so well for an outdoor summer event.

White shirts might not look so well for your employees if they chance being in the rain or tend to get

dirty during their work.

Safety colors are a popular option, and sometimes even a requirement for construction companies or

landscapers. High visibility is not only good for advertising, but actual safety.


Timing is Everything!

Turn around time is typically 2 weeks or less after approvals and payment requirements have been met.


Don’t wait until the last minute, especially if you are buying for a specific event date.  

Please plan ahead, and respond to emails in a timely manner so everything goes smoothly.